We are a team of computer consultants specializing in helping companies develop their IT infrastructure.

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We provide a variety of services including design and development of software programs to networking solutions that are necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

We Research Your Business And Provide The IT Services You Need

InfoTech Services Group Inc. specializes in computer service and consulting for individuals, businesses, schools, as well as government agencies. We are a team of computer consultants specializing in helping companies develop their IT infrastructure. We study your business needs and provide the IT Services you need to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. When you need Information Technology services, including Cybersecurity Services, call us at Info Tech Services Group at 1(877) 724-8781.

Service Oriented Technology Team

InfoTech Services Group Inc. provides many services to clients that have the need for professional computer networking services. If you have computer networking problems, InfoTech will provide the solution. We provide services such as E-mail Spam Management, Paperless Office, Remote Access, Cybersecurity Anti-Virus, Worm, Spyware software, and much more. We also offer services such as a 24-Hour Response Guarantee, Microsoft Exchange Server implementation, Computer Hardware and Internet Security needs assessment, SQL Server & SQL Database integration*, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server installation and configuration as well as Offsite backups and more.

We offer an array of services: from developing new systems for you or updating existing ones; training staff how they can use these programs most effectively by providing individualized attention when appropriate; all with one goal–to help make operations run smoothly so that each employee has what is required at his or her fingertips whenever he/she might need it!

When you need IT-related help, InfoTech Services is the company to call. We offer affordable and reliable support tailored to your business’ needs by eliminating single points of failure. With a team that includes tier 1 experts as well as cloud architects and CIOs for more complex problems, we can help you right away. Businesses throughout the Los Angeles area can count on unlimited IT support from our proactive and responsive team. We’re always ready to provide a solution for your issue, no matter when or how you reach out! When you need Information Technology services, call us at Info Tech Services Group at 1(877) 724-8781.

IT Consultants

The InfoTech Services team is composed of elite IT experts who specialize in many different areas including on-premise server support, designing your ideal hybrid cloud environment and cybersecurity solutions. You can rest assured that you’re working with the best when it comes to all things tech related because our staff are always available for dispatch no matter what time or day they may be needed! When you need Information Technology services, call us at Info Tech Services Group at 1(877) 724-8781.

The info management strategy at Info Tech Consulting offers reliable information technology consulting services such as on premise server support, designing a perfect hybrid cloud environment which includes virtualization and storage software options as well as security systems like firewalls and virus protection programs. We work with companies of all sizes in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County areas.

Our technicians can diagnose your IT issues quickly. We have the hands-on experience to provide a physical connection for resolving any problems that pop up out of nowhere. This local service is best if you want 24/7 access or more immediate attention from someone who knows all about your system’s needs. Your IT problems require the skill expertise InfoTech Services can provide.

Why Information Technology Is Important

Technology Provides Opportunity

Every industry has the bigger, better-known companies that are thriving while smaller SMBs have difficulties staying competitive. Today’s technology offers a path for small businesses to maintain their competitive edge.

Focus On Building Your Business

Daily business activity comes with timelines and decision-making. Let us manage your IT so you have the time to focus on your responsibilities and actions to keep your business successful.

Keep Your Employees Happy And Productive

It’s widely known that IT-related problems are a huge distraction in the workplace. In fact, 22 minutes is lost every single day due IT problems. That means each employee loses 3% productivity annually from worries about technological problems alone. We can reduce these issues with our IT Support services.

Our IT Services

Email Service

Our technical consultants are certified by Microsoft on Exchange Server 5.5, Exchange 2000 Server, and Exchange Server 2003. We can show you how you can combine e-mail accounts from several sources and combine them all into one easy to use Inbox.

Exchange Server

Exchange Server is much more than simply an email solution for your business. Exchange Server provides the foundation for worker collaboration by making available important groupware tools such as group calendaring, unified shared contacts lists/task lists.


InfoTech Services Group, Inc. is a technology consulting firm, not an equipment reseller. However, we play a major role in recommending the best and most appropriate hardware and software for your specific requirements and circumstances.

Internet Security

Computer security has come to the forefront as the number one concern for government, private industry, and individuals alike. We’ve seen an exponential increase in the amount of worms, viruses, junk e-mail, hostile web sites, adware, and spyware components.

Remote Office Access

Without a doubt, a mobile workforce has become an important part of the business landscape in the new millennium. But remote access to your key programs and data, such as e-mail and financial applications, must be secure or you run the risk of data loss, data theft, and even identity theft.

Off-Site Backup Service

Imagine someone in your office accidentally downloads a virus which quickly spreads to other computers on the network. Before anyone can stop it, many important files are now gone and since your hard drives are backed up at the end of the day all of the day’s work has vanished.

Spam Solutions

The volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), or spam, has become more than just an annoyance. It is costly both in terms of people’s time to sift through unwanted, useless messages and in terms of network bandwidth and e-mail servers’ storage space.

SQL Server

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. A SQL database server is a computer that hosts one or more “industrial strength” databases which are used when a company works with large amounts of data and/or a company that requires several users access the data simultaneously.

Virus / Worm / Spyware Solutions

Computer viruses, worms, spyware, and adware (malware) can claim top billing along with spam as the worst technological scourges of the 21st century. These vermin have proliferated to the point where you can no longer afford to leave any computer defenseless.

Reviews From Happy Clients

Vernon L. Ellicott, Esq

I have used InfoTech Services for almost ten years and have always found them to be professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to my crises. I get personal attention and can understand when they talk with me. They understand the needs of a law office and I highly recommend them. Read More

Michael Drews , CPA

InfoTech Services Group, Inc. has repeatedly proven themselves to be professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to the handling of our networking needs. The have consistently exceeded our expectations. We wholehearted recommend InfoTech Services Group, Inc. for all your computer and networking needs. Read More

Mamann Marketing Group, Inc.

As I sit at my fab and very fast new computer….I wanted to say, Thank you, so very much for all that you have done to help me set up my new business. I am so grateful for your knowledge, guidance and expertise… Read More

West Valley Hearing Center

Dan Balter at Info Technology Partners recently networked my audiology and hearing aid office for me. Dan also completed the purchase of a new computer to add to the two already here. We are a small business, but create lots of medical reports and billing. Read More

John Wayne Cancer Institute

InfoTech Services Group Inc. has helped us to identify the weak points in our systems and to locate areas where our information systems can help us to better serve the needs of the organization. Read More

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