We are a team of computer consultants specializing in helping companies develop their IT infrastructure.

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Here is more information about InfoTech Services Group on these interesting web pages. InfoTech Services Group Inc. specializes in computer service and consulting for individuals, businesses, schools, as well as government agencies. We are a team of computer consultants specializing in helping companies develop their IT infrastructure and provide IT Support services. Our services include E-mail Spam Management, Paperless Office, Remote Access, and Anti-Virus & Worm & Spyware software solutions.

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InfoTech Services Group, Inc.

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Computer Installation

We install and service computers and computer networks for businesses and organizations in Los Angeles CA. We repair and replace broken and old computer servers that are no longer performing properly. We have 20+ years experience installing, repairing computers and installing computer networks.

IT Consulting Services

Our IT Consulting services are advisory services that help clients assess different technology strategies and align technology strategies with their business or process strategies. These services support our clients’ IT operations. Our IT Consulting will help your business computer operations.

Computer Networking

We provide Computer Networking systems for business. Computer networking refers to connected computing devices such as desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, and tablets plus an increasing number of “smart” appliance applications. SonicWall Sales and Support: We install SonicWall services including Next Generation Firewall, Next-generation firewall for SMB, Enterprise, and Government Security Services with comprehensive security for your network, Network Security Manager for security management and Cloud Edge Secure Access, and Secure Mobile Access.

Cloud Phone Systems

We install cloud based phone systems for businesses. A cloud-based phone system is a business communications solution that is hosted and maintained in the provider’s data centers—not at your office—and is delivered through your internet connection.

Computer Repairs + Troubleshooting

We repair broken computers and have been performing repairs and troubleshooting services for 20+ years. Troubleshooting identifies and solves technical problems. Troubleshooting starts with general issues and gets more specific. We are an experienced computer repair and troubleshooting company.

Computer Hardware

InfoTech Services Group, Inc. is an information technology consulting firm, not an equipment reseller. We are often asked to recommend the best and most appropriate hardware and software for your specific requirements. We have extensive experience in working with all major computer manufacturers.

Secure Remote Access

We implement extremely secure remote access solutions that are designed to only allow authorized access to data while it protects your critical information from unscrupulous individuals. We achieve this goal by installing firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) hardware and software products.

Email Solutions

Our technical consultants are certified by Microsoft on Exchange Server 5.5, Exchange 2000 – Exchange Server 2019. We can show you how you can combine e-mail accounts from several sources and combine them all into one easy to use Inbox.

Spam Protection

We offer a sophisticated network of spam traps along with other ID layers typically block 98% of all inbound spam with zero false positives produced. Our software strips out @90% of our customers’ total in-bound email right off the top. The remaining 12% is clean and virus-free.

Online Data Backup

Backups of your data are vital. Online backups can be even more critical. When unfortunate events occur, online backups become invaluable. Data loss due to disasters can often not be recovered successfully from local on-site backup media. We have 20+ years experience providing Online Backup Service.

Microsoft Exchange Server Solutions

We provide Exchange Server installation and maintenance. Exchange Server is much more than simply an e-mail solution for your business. Exchange Server provides the foundation for worker collaboration by making available important groupware tools such as group calendaring and shared contacts lists.

Internet Security – Cyber Security

InfoTech Services Group, Inc is your Internet Security + Cyber Security expert. Computer security has come to the forefront as the number one concern for government, private industry, and individuals alike. With the popularity of the Internet as an inexpensive, yet very fast medium, we’ve seen a big increase in viruses and other noxious entities.

SQL Server Database Applications

For large data management we provide Microsoft SQL database solutions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems typically require a SQL server to store their data. We can provide you with advice and a SQL Server programming solution for your company.

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